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TCI: Deadly August, four murdered, five others shot including two women

#TurksandCaicosIslands – Saturday September 1, 2018 – Some in the country are labeling it the ‘deadliest’ month in Turks and Caicos history as four men were murdered and five other people shot, including two women – all in the month of August 2018.

Police on Providenciales earlier today confirmed that they are investigating yet another shooting incident overnight which left one man dead and takes the murder count for the month of August to four.     

“According to 911 Central, they received a report at 9:40 p.m., Friday, August 31st, 2018, of a man lying motionless in the road with a single gunshot wound.  Both Police and EMT’s were dispatched to the scene on Horseshoe Lane, Leeward Highway.”

The Forensic Unit is investigating this crime, where it is reported to Magnetic Media that wanted man, Prince John Brutus was killed by an unknown suspect.

Brutus, 22 years old, was in June 2017 announced as wanted by Police for questioning in connection to a series of serious crimes.  A wanted poster was published by the TCI Police to aid in his capture and arrest last Summer; Brutus was wanted in case of American tourist, Kevin Newman who fell into a coma after being shot in Grace Bay in June 2017 in a botched armed robbery.  Brutus, who had turned himself into Police in August 2017, was released but still considered to be, one of  the TCIs Most Wanted at the time of his death last night.

The young man died at the scene, according to the Police report.

On August 3, there were two murders of two young men:  Judah Gail and Terrell Handfield. 

In the killing of Judah Gail, believed to be in his 20’s, there has been an arrest and a man has been charged – Kendal ‘MadMax’ Dean was arraigned in court on Thursday August 23, 2018 on multiple counts connected to the homicide.

There has been no arrest for the murder of Terrell Handfiled, who was gunned down in Five Cays mere hours later, also on August 3, 2018.

On August 23, 2018 Ervin Walkin was murdered as he left work for a lunch break; that happened shortly before noon in the Glass Shack area of Providenciales.

Magnetic Media is told some people have been questioned as potential suspects in the Walkin killing, but police have not informed of any arrests in the brazen murder.

In four separate incidents, five other people were shot.

A man at a bar in Kew Town on August 13; a 19-year old woman grazed in the neck by a bullet and shielded, we are informed by her boyfriend, who was critically wounded when their vehicle was shot at near the Blue Hills Round about on August 19.  The next day,in a separate shooting at the Kew Town Kids Park, a woman was shot and hospitalised.  On Thursday August 30, 2018 a man, while at CIBCFirstCaribbean bank on Leeward Highway, was shot in the leg and rushed to hospital.

Members of the public are distributing social media memes, slamming the government for this escalation in violence.  Both, which we have received, feature a photo of Premier Sharlene Robinson with the words:  “PDM:  Weak on Crime” and in the other image, it says: “August 2018 will do down as the deadliest month in the history of the TCI.  What is the Premier doing about it on September 1st?”

Turks and Caicos now records six murders for 2018.

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