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TCI: School work + Test scores equals better performance for high school hopefuls

#Providenciales, August 23, 2018 – Turks and Caicos – School work and examination scores will cumulatively decided who goes to high school in the Turks and Caicos Islands and the change will come by 2020 according to officials from the Ministry of Education.

A press conference held to announce the dramatic change was held recently at the Office of the Premier and the Education Director, Edgar Howell said this is a better way to go, now students course work during their sixth grade year will account for forty percent of their score.

“The difference between the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment and the Grande Six Achievement Test is that the Grade Six Achievement Test is a one off test at the end of grade six.  A lot of anxiety is around it, I think parents themselves feel as if their being assessed or evaluated at the end of eight years of primary education, and pass or fail is the outcome.  What the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment would allow for Turks and Caicos would be for our students coming from the primary school system to come with accumulative grades.  Like the school based assessment in high school, students will be able to accumulate grades, continuous assessment at the primary level that will count toward 40% of their final grade at the end of grade six.  In addition the assessment will be just that, an assessment that is going to be diagnostic in nature, that will allow us to see how the children are performing in the specific subject areas, and which areas we will need to then pay more attention to as they transition into first form of high school so that we’re supporting the academic personal social development right through the education experience.”

Already training of educators of these students between fourth and sixth grade has started and will continue under the guidance of the Caribbean Examination Council.  Bottom line, the Education Ministry believes the CPEA is a more suitable format for a modern day student.. preparing them for life they said, and not just for exams.



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