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Favorite Things – National Hurricane Center & Emancipation Day Trinidad & Tobago

Here are a few of my Favorite Things – August 3, 2018 – A virtual tour of the National Hurricane Center, posted at the NHCs Facebook page… loved seeing the inside of the center, the busy brain center which monitors and tracks and makes those forecasts and presents those reports which guides our behavior during storm season even all of these miles away.  The Center is actually located in Miami, Florida… an unofficial part of the Caribbean.


Click on the link and watch the video here!!


And as Emancipation activities reach a climax in Trinidad and Tobago, my research brought me to this energetic display of Ethiopian culture in the dance on the streets or Trinidad.  Wow.  That was filmed six years ago.  Full Emancipation was finally achieved on August 1 1838.  Trinidad and Tobago officially made the day a holiday in 1985.


Click on the link and watch the video here!!


Just a couple of my favorite things.



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