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BAHAMAS: Statement by Minister of Public Works on outgoing BPL Board members

#Nassau, August 16, 2018 – Bahamas – As Minister with portfolio responsibility for Bahamas Power and Light I wish to thank the outgoing Board members for their service.  I have delayed issuing this statement out of respect for a Board member who is travelling and could not easily be contacted.  I have still not been successful in contacting that member.

The outgoing Board may proudly point to a number of notable accomplishments during their tenure.   Accordingly, the appointment of a new Board does not reflect negatively in any way on the achievements or integrity of the persons who have given service to BPL and to the country.

Regrettably, in recent times the former Board remained locked at loggerheads with respect to virtually every critical issue.   This became costly to BPL. Moreover, as relationships within the Board deteriorated, three members offered their resignations.   In those circumstances, it was important that the company seek new leadership.

It is anticipated that a new Board will be immediately appointed as the utility works to accomplish its goal of ensuring that reliable power is available to all residents of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

Out of respect for the former Board members I do not intend to discuss this matter in any further detail.


Nassau, The Bahamas

August 15, 2018


Release: Minister of Public Works

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