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Caribbean Art Exhibition Opens in London , TCI represented by North Caicos native

#Providenciales, June 26, 2018 – Turks and Caicos – My Sugar Island opens today in London for VIP viewing and featured is Turks and Caicos artist, Jean Gardiner-Taylor.  Gardiner Taylor is widely celebrated for her vivacious depictions of island scenes… the colour, the simplistic yet bold interpretations of island life and abstract designs by Jean are distinct and very popular; yet she was humbled at being invited to represent the Turks and Caicos Islands.

“I was moved because I knew right there and then, it was God, it was God giving me the opportunity.  Every single painting that I am taking to this art show has been done within weeks.  I am looking forward to representing my country and I am proud of the work that I’ve done.  I couldn’t do it any better, I’ve put my all into it.” – Jean Gardiner-Taylor – TCI Artist

Born to Win Global Community Interest Company is host of the event which is being staged – over four days –  at the High Commission office of Trinidad and Tobago in London, England. The caribArt Exhibition – My Sugar Island is designed to bring the Caribbean to London and showcases authentic by the people who have lived the experience of Caribbean life and can best tell their stories.

“I want to capture a lot of what we have to offer, which is a lot that we really do have, and I capture quite a bit of it.  To give you an idea, the Iguana, I managed to get the Iguanas in there, I managed to get the Flamingos, I managed to get the beach, our people, historical sites like Wades Green, so I managed to get a lot of color in there.”

In a friendly banter with the interviewer, Mrs. Gardiner-Taylor was asked if she has a picture of what she will be showcasing.

“To get it you would have to attend the show or you can watch it online, but you cannot have it, you want to be the first, come on now, but membership has it’s privileges, and to become a member you would have to be one of my children, or my granddaughter, oh my goodness, she almost damaged one of my paintings. But I tell you what I’m going to do, I’m going to let you see a little snippet of it, you ready, you’re looking at it.”

It is an amazing opportunity for North Caicos native, Jean Gardiner Taylor she agrees.

My Sugar Island CaribArt exhibition will include works of art on canvas, fabric, jewellery and ceramic.  Artists will be present to interact with the visitors, explained the host of the show.





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