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BAHAMAS: Acting Prime Minister Turnquest encourages college graduates to become entrepreneurs

#Nassau, June 23, 2018 – Bahamas – Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, the Hon. K. Peter Turnquest encouraged the new 2018 graduating class of Galilee College to become entrepreneurs.

“My message to you today is about entrepreneurship. It is about being your own boss or inventing your own job.  It might sound farfetched given the many challenges we know entrepreneurs face, but it is very possible.  It is not necessarily easy.  In fact, it takes a lot of hard work, passion, smarts and a willingness to make mistakes, take risks and to believe in yourself no matter what,” Acting Prime Minister Turnquest said at the graduation held at St. John’s Native Baptist Cathedral, Thursday, June 21, 2018.

The Acting Prime Minister said he does not have the luxury of being his own boss anymore, because now he reports to the Bahamian people.  However, he said the graduates have many opportunities before them to create their own jobs and be their own boss; finding great satisfaction in knowing they did not settle, they made their own way, brought their vision to life, set their own wage and determined their own path to success.

Acting Prime Minister Turnquest said the government believes in the power of entrepreneurs and in the power of small business, and wants to encourage and support those who want to open their own business.

“The world is changing rapidly and The Bahamas, although small, is participating at a global level.  We cannot afford to think small.  We cannot afford to shrink behind the old ways of doing things.  So by all means, I want you to break away from the time-honoured ways of doing things; from the mundane, generational cycle of graduate — get a government job — get a pension.”

He said, “I want you to aim higher.  There is a world out there to explore and endless opportunities to be realized with what you have in your heads, hands and hearts.  And even if you come into the public service, bring your new ideas and help us to innovate better solutions for the Bahamian people.”

The Acting Prime Minister explained that the government is improving the ease of doing business, making it quick, easy and cost-free to start a new business.

“We are investing millions in the work of a Small Business Development Centre, and I literally mean millions: $25 million over the next few years so that this centre can be a resource to provide advisory and technical support and funding.”

Acting Prime Minister Turnquest said the government wants its investment to go directly to young Bahamians and entrepreneurs who will be the leaders and change-makers of tomorrow.


By: Llonella Gilbert (BIS)

Photo Caption:  Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, the Hon. K. Peter Turnquest was the keynote speaker at Galilee College’s 2018 graduation ceremony held atSt. John’s Native Baptist Cathedral, Thursday, June 21, 2018.  (BIS Photos/Derek Smith)



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