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Turks and Caicos Dolphin Jojo injured in boating accident

#Providenciales, Turks and Caicos – May 15, 2018 It sounds like an ugly wound and a horrible mishap in waters off Providenciales which resulted in beloved Turks and Caicos marine icon, JoJo the Dolphin being struck by a boat and injured.

A report on the frightening situation was posted just hours ago to Facebook.

“The DECR received a report that our beloved Jojo (the Dolphin) had been injured. Upon further inspection it seems that he may have swam too close to a boat. The wound, although unpleasant, will heal.”

#JoJo is an Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin.  The popular dolphin has been frolicking in TCI waters since the 1980’s and is protected by a specially appointed warden and guarded by contentiously drafted law aimed at discouraging unsafe contact with the mammal; described by many as an enduring symbol of the vibrancy of Caribbean marine life.

Reports of probable sightings are regularly posted to social media, as the dolphin is legendary with several of the surrounding Grace Bay Beach resort properties having special protocols – like ringing a bell – if friendly JoJo is spotted.

The DECR sounds grave in the post, very concerned about the harm to JoJo and issued a serious warning.

“…we request that tour operators, local and resident boat operators please give Jojo the space required to heal.  We also ask that one be mindful of all marine life before turning your vessels on.”

In 2012, Dean Bernal wrote a book chronicling the life of the TCI’s JoJo the Dolphin.  The book is called Dean and JoJo:  The Dolphin Legacy.

By: Deandrea Hamilton


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