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TCI: Positive Vibes Club – South Caicos

#TurksandCaicos, May 18, 2018 – South Caicos  – The Department of Social Development in collaboration with youth leaders in the community of South Caicos is happy to announce the creation of the ‘Positive Vibes Club’ on the island of South Caicos. The objective of the Positive Vibes Club is to provide an avenue for young person’s ages 11 to 17 to become positive light bearers to their peers and the wider community by becoming members of a club and being active participants in the programmes and activities that are designed to aid their development.

It is believed that empowering youth and allowing them the opportunity to participate in community events benefit their development by way of building leadership skills and creates a sense of belonging and purpose. Those who are engaged in positive club efforts at a young age also show better problem-solving and decision-making skills when compared to youths who are not engaged. These skills can and will serve them well in a variety of life endeavors.

Similarly, these interventions assist with demonstrating to young persons that they matter to the community and are an integral part of it. Additionally, they are less inclined to participate in anti-social activities (e.g., drug use and criminal behavior), and gravitate more towards pro-social behaviors because of the role they have taken on as a member of the club.

Positive Vibes Club will help them realize that they are being seen as beacons in the community and should demonstrate behaviors worthy to be a part of the club.

See additional information attached regarding the criteria, objective and details of meetings for the Positive Vibes Club.


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