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TCI Judge rejects ‘no case submissions’ in Kenley Walters murder, verdict could come by weekend

#TurksandCaicos, May 07, 2018 – Providenciales – The family of Kenley Walters has to be happier about the progress in the murder trial of the beloved young man after a significant decision was today handed down by the judge that there is sufficient evidence to go to trial for all five males accused in the brutal homicide.

At the time of the arrests, a 16-year old, 20-year old, 24-year old, 25-year old and 36-year old were all accused of causing the death 19-year old Kenley in 2014; charged with manslaughter and murder in the case where the popular teenager was stabbed to death on December 27, 2014.

One account from court room where the trial has been in progress for the past month went like this: “A daily packed court house with concerned family and friends from the Walters Family, silent cries and sobbing from members of the Walters Family as they listened to witnesses and saw photos of the deceased, they young 19 year old’s lifeless body displayed in the court as evidence was tendered by the Crown’s Lawyers in their attempt to prove the case against five defendants.”

The defendants: Charlex Bottex, eldest of the group and big brother to Woody – another defendant, is represented by Glenda Clarke; Lorvensly Joseph, was age 20 at the time of his arrest and his attorney is Keith James; Kurt Delancy Jr, aged 25 when arrested is represented by Finbar Grant; Woody Baptiste, only 16 when taken into custody is with Lara Maroof-Misick as his lawyer and Everson Capron, who is defended by Guy Chapman all had their claims dismissed earlier today.

Judge Joan Joyner ruled that indeed that there is a case to be answered; rejecting their ‘no case submissions’ and giving the prosecution team of Denise Dingwell and Leonard Franklyn of the Director of Public Prosecution’s Office their first victory in this ongoing matter.

It is expected the jury will reach a verdict by the end of the week.


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