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TCI: Annual Hurricane Preparedness Month Campaign

#TurksandCaicos, May 02, 2018 – Grand Turk – The Department of Disaster Management and Emergencies, South Base Grand Turk, 1st May 2018.  On Tuesday 1st May, 2018, the Department of Disaster Management Emergencies (DDME), launches its Annual Hurricane Preparedness Month Campaign under the theme “Investing in Disaster Risk Reduction to Build Resilient Communities”.


2018 Atlantic Tropical Storm/Hurricane Names
Alberto Leslie
Beryl Michael
Chris Nadine
Debby Oscar
Ernesto Patty
Florence Rafael
Gordon Sara
Helena Tony
Isaac Valerie
Joyce William

Residents are reminded that the Atlantic Hurricane Season begin June 1st. The latest preliminary predictions, by hurricane researchers at the Colorado State University (CSU), as of 5th April 2018, indicates that the Atlantic Hurricane Season will be slightly above-average this year.  In total, the CSU team predicts there will be fourteen (14) named storms; seven (7) predicated to become hurricanes and three (3) predicted to reach major hurricane strength (i.e. Category 3 or above).   Consequently, the CSU hurricane researchers believe this season’s activity will be approximately 135 percent of the average season.  Last year’s hurricane activity was two and a half times greater than average.

The DDME, cannot over emphasize the importance of early preparation in spite of the predications.  Hurricane Awareness and Readiness can help to reduce the impact of hurricane on our lives, communities and businesses.  In fact, research has shown that families, individuals and businesses who know their vulnerability and who have taken concrete steps to prepare for an event are more likely to increase their chances of surviving than those who are not prepared.

The 2017 Hurricane Season – with the passage of Harvey, Irma, and Maria – reminds us how devastating and destructive storms can be and how important it is to be prepared.

According to Dr. Virginia Clerveaux, Director of DDME:

“The DDME is always seeking new ways to reinvent how it prepares the nation for the various hazards that we are vulnerable to.  Ahead of the commencement of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, over the past 7 years we have dedicated an entire month to raising public awareness on tropical cyclone and its chain of hazards such as flooding and storm surge etc.  During the month of May, the state of preparedness for tropical cyclones goes into high gear.  Let us remember, it only takes ONE storm to wreak havoc on our social, economic and environmental landscape! Irrespective of the CSU predictions, let us do our utmost as a nation and as individuals, to be prepared.  Let us strive and let our reflections on past events such as Hurricanes Hanna and Ike in 2008 and Irma and Maria in 2017 and other events in neighboring nations such as Dominica, BVI, Anguilla and Puerto Rico inform our call to action for this Hurricane Season.”

 In recognition of the 2018 Hurricane Preparedness Month, through partnerships, a host of activities have been planned to be held throughout the months of May and June. The goal is to assist stakeholders, residents and business owners to become more proactive as it relates to building disaster resilience throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands.  Activities planned are as follows:

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