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Museums Day in TCI a complete hit

#TurksandCaicos, May 24, 2018 – Providenciales –  The international commemoration of international museums day was on May 18, but it was this past Saturday that the heritage of the Turks and Caicos drew hundreds out for over six hours to experience Back in Da Day at the TCI natl museum… it was a complete hit.

“This is very much what we grew up with,” said one patron at the event.

“Yes inside it really resembles what we saw and heard about,” said another patron.

“Life back in the day was hard, now I know when the adults are talking about how life back in the day was very rough and a struggle, I wouldn’t want to have that experience back in the day.”  This from a little girl who was amazed at how life back then actually was.

 From skits performed by the island’s children.. the trivia games and native goodies… to down home combina music, tours and memories we are happy to put behind us, but have not forgotten.  There is no denying the atmosphere is ripe and ready for a greater appreciation of the endemic culture.

“Well it’s quite interesting, we are learning about the old days and how everything was done when nothing was wasted and everything was put to good use.”  This from a visitor enjoying the the sites adn scenes.

“This is cool, I’d actually like to talk to someone who built it.  I want one.” said another visitor to our shores.

Government ministers – old and new, guests to the country, little children, families including the Premier who excitedly watched her youngest daughter artfully weave straw agree that it was a fantastic day.

“Look over there, there is my daughter, she is learning that craft, that is important because it continues and it also instills something indigenous in her.  You see that keen interest, that’s what the kids are interested in, they want to know where they came from and if you move around here you would see how captivated the kids are, all the children are, and it’s important that we continue to teach them this.” – Hon. Premier Sharlene Robinson

Some 35,000 museum worldwide allow free entry to their facilities on International Museums Day.  In the Caribbean, Jamaica and storm struck Turks and Caicos and the British Virgin Islands were literally on the map as 2018 participants.


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