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BAHAMAS: Prime Minister Lists Accomplishments and Plans at Free National Movement’s First Anniversary Service of Thanksgiving

#Bahamas, May 07, 2018 – Nassau – On the first anniversary of the Free National Movement’s coming to office, its leader, Prime Minister Dr. the Hon. Hubert A. Minnis outlined significant achievements and plans for the way ahead.

The FNM, which became the governing party following the May 10, 2017 General Election, celebrated the year in a church service at Living Waters Kingdom Ministries, Warren Street, Oakes Field.

“We meet in thanksgiving and praise to Almighty God for his abundant blessings as we celebrate the first anniversary of the Free National Movement’s re-election to office on 10 May, last year,” the Prime Minister said.

He noted: “For the fourth time in an independent Bahamas, the Bahamian people have reposed their trust in our party.  We are grateful to the Bahamian people for this trust, which we will continue to honor it in our program of reform and transformation.”

The Prime Minister said it was not only a time for celebration, reflection and for taking stock but to appreciate what the party has achieved and the groundwork laid for a new Bahamas.

“Amidst our challenges, I can report to you that we remain steadfast in our vision.  We are making progress on many fronts,” he said.  “The Bahamas will be a better country because of the mandate the people of The Bahamas have given us.”

Some of the notable achievements he pointed out are that economic growth has returned to The Bahamas.  The economy, he said, grew by 1.4 percent last year, and is projected to grow by 2.5 percent this year.

“There has been a significant reduction in murders, and an overall drop in crime,” he said.  “While we have to see what happens over the longer term, crime is down in New Providence.  It is a vision of hope and opportunity.  It is a vision to improve the lives of citizens and residents, who are often on the margins of society,” the Prime Minister said.   “Addressing poverty requires ideas and strategies for social and economic mobility,” he added.

The Prime Minister also stated that the FNM’s agenda for economic development and growth would be done in tandem with a comprehensive social agenda that will:

– increase home ownership;
– boost health and nutrition and reduce obesity; and
– improve the lives of the poor in our Bahamas.

“My administration will lead one of the most ambitious efforts in our history to reduce obesity and improve nutrition.  This includes addressing the high rate of childhood obesity in our country,” which was another goal announced by the Prime Minister.

“We are addressing corruption, which retards national development and progress,” he added.

And, Grand Bahama is at the heart of the Government’s agenda to boost economic growth and reduce unemployment, the Prime minister announced.

“There are exciting plans for the economic recovery of Grand Bahama, especially in tourism.  Freeport is set to become a regional tech hub. Just last week we announced a $50 million dollar investment for Freeport,” he said.

The Prime Minister further mentioned other successes stating: “Our national security team is having success in the crime fight; we are transforming the electricity network and tackling other longstanding issues; we are leading a revival of Over-the-Hill communities; we will lead the recovery of Grand Bahama, and bring new opportunities to the Family Islands; we are cleaning up corruption in government; we are embarked on one of the most ambitious social transformation efforts in our nation’s history.”


Release: BIS

Photo Caption: Prime Minister Dr. the Hon. Hubert Minnis addresses the congregation at a service of thanksgiving for the first anniversary of the Free National Movement’s coming to office at Living Waters Kingdom Ministries, Warren Street, Oakes Field.

(BIS Photos/Yontalay Bowe)



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