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GUYANA: Manganese mining to boost development in Region One

#Guyana, April 30, 2018 – Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman, has assured residents of Matthew’s Ridge they will see a boost in infrastructural and other developments with the return of mining in the community.

“The road is going to be improved, we’re going to have to refurbish the hospital, we’re going to have to do work on other facilities.  This entire sub-region is going to be lifted up,” Minister Trotman said during a public meeting in the community today.

The return of manganese mining is expected to see some 600 persons in the community and wider region benefiting from employment when production begins in the second quarter of 2019.  Regional authorities and the General Manager of Guyana Manganese Inc (GMI) were also present at the meeting.


Kenneth Jones, resident of Matthew’s Ridge, said the return of mining to the community provides much needed employment opportunity.  “There are a lot of young people here who need employment and it would be a good opportunity for them to grasp it,” he said.


Clarice Mendonza, alsoa resident, said she would like to see the company assist in the development of the community’s health, education and agriculture sectors

Manganese mining began in the regional sub-district some 50 years ago under Reunion Manganese Inc. The community of Matthew’s Ridge thrived and was earmarked, by former President Forbes Burnham, to be another capital city.  However, under the previous administration, Matthew’s Ridge was neglected.

“…it is time I believe that we revive it. We’re not just talking about how much money we could get from this Region, we would want to see this region become the first or second capital of Guyana,” Minister Trotman said.

General Manager of GMI, Xiaohua Xhang, through a translator, noted the construction phase is slated for the middle of 2018.  Some 1500 jobs are expected to be created during this phase that will see the necessary infrastructure being built for the production of manganese

GMI is investing $100MUS to build the manganese project. Some half a million ton of manganese concentrate is expected to be produced over the next 13 years of the mine’s life, Zhang said.


By: Tiffny Rhodius


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