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Marijuana legal in The Bahamas?

#Bahamas, January 18, 2018 – Nassau – The conversation on the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana took an official form when Untitleda recent town hall meeting hosted by a CARICOM Commission sought to find out how Bahamians feel on the hot button issue.  Professor Rose Marie Bell Antoine, explained that the meetings were happening in all CARICOM member states and would result in a report for the heads of government meeting in July.

Perspectives were varied and included issues related to addiction, negative health reactions, positive health benefits, so called irrational treatment of users by the justice system, de-escalation of gang related crime and the potential for agri-business – all linked to marijuana.  Here are just a few comments by various persons who attended the town hall meeting.

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“I hate the fact that people smoke cigarettes which are filled with over 500 chemicals but yet I cannot smoke a plant.”

“With sound regulation there are lots of opportunities, it all depends on how the government and the private sector involve say how this should Untitledgo forward.”

“If they legalize it guess what, I don’t have to buy it from anybody, I have a bottle full of seeds now.  What am I going to spend $5.00 for a joint for when I can grow myself a whole plant.”

“It turns criminals out of our own sons, we’re turning criminals out of our own sons.”

“Legalization ends the violence, what did Portugal do, Portugal legalized, the violence stopped ”

“It destroys families, I don’t know if any of you have had any relatives that have been addicted.”

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The comments were chronicled by the panel and will be merged with other perspectives on the controversial issue, which continues to grab headlines in The Bahamas.





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