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The Bahamas continues to positively engage Youth of the country during this National Youth Month

Ms. Cory Hamilton

Ms. Cory Hamilton

#Bahamas, October 28, 2017 – Nassau – An ambush by violence and negativity on many Caribbean countries’ traditional ways of life has inspired my award winning, artistically gifted niece Cory Hamilton of CC Sweeting Senior High in Nassau, Bahamas to create a drawing commanding her peers to ‘bury the bad, celebrate the good’.

Our Family is very proud of Cory and the thousands of other young people who ‘get it’ and stand virtuously for the good which still exists!   I mention here also, my cousin Lendeic Smith of the CR Walker High Class of 2018 who is a Governor General Youth Award recipient for excellence in Leadership.

“To be recognized is one thing, but to be presented a national award by the Governor General herself in person is  extraordinary.  I’m just embracing every moment as I continue to excel,” said Ms. Smith.

IMG-20171028-WA0006Hundreds of Bahamian Youth were congratulated for their diligence scholastically, socially, athletically and spiritually; an effort to ensure these well-doers are not forgotten or their works overshadowed by the less appealing reports on some of their generation.

Deadline for entries in the art contest was yesterday; so I feel at liberty to share the original piece by Cory.

Read more on the NATIONAL COMPETITION attached.

Congratulations to these stand outs who are also mine!



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