Red Cross TCI Assiting With Relief Efforts Across the Islands

Turks and Caicos, September 11, 2017 – Providenciales – Red Cross has been active in the TCI, post-Hurricane Irma, to assist with relief efforts across the islands. The Red Cross Thrift Shop, the organization’s TCI headquarters in Turtle Cove is scheduled to reopen on Wednesday, September 13.  In a partnership with Beaches Sandals Foundation, The Red Cross team will be distributing food items at their Thrift Shop location on Wednesday at 10:00 AM.

The humanitarian movement organization is also helping to connect residents in the TCI to their loved ones regionally and internationally. Red Cross TCI Director, Winema Sanders explained the reconnection efforts. “Right now, we have our restoring family links up and running by Flow and Digicel. Basically what we’re doing is getting information from persons on the island looking to seek contact with their families in other islands or internationally. We receive their contact information and the message they would like to send and deliver the message.”

She urged that the efforts, so far, have proved successful as families have expressed gratitude and relief for being able to reach out to their friends and family amid the loss of electricity and communication issues. The reconnection program is only available in Providenciales but The Red Cross TCI has intentions to get to Grand Turk, where communications are down.

Assistance is also being provided to the DDME with the distribution of hurricane relief items, as well as providing counseling for the hurricane victims that need it.

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