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Huge surge forecast in Catastrophic Hurricane Irma

#Bahamas, September 5, 2017 – Nassau – The Bahamas & TCI are likely to get 15-20 foot storm surge according to the #WeatherChannel, announced only moments ago – they are saying this is #catastrophic and over The Bahamas, Hurricane Irma is likely to maintain Category 4 intensity.    As the country readies for what is now a Cat 5, #HurricaneIrma, #NEMA announced the opening of 127 shelters with 24 designated for Nassau, nine set up for Grand Bahama and 94 throughout the Family Islands.

The shelters will open likely on Thursday and NEMA also today issued a list of what to bring if you need to take cover at one of the storm shelters.    The list includes a gallon of water per day per person, bring your food and clothing, medications and first aid supplies.

You are also responsible for having toys and battery powered radios and flashlights and bedding.    It is best to take a bath before you arrive at the shelter and once you get there, please ensure that you do register and obey the shelter rules.




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