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Wigton Windfarm Limited provides training in Renewable Energy

#Jamaica, August 19, 2017 – Kingston – General Manager of Wigton Windfarm Limited, Earl Barrett, says that the organisation has been busy over the last 10 months rolling out its training programme in several facets of renewable energy.

He said areas of focus include solar thermal, concentrated solar power, photovoltaic, fuel cells, small hydro, windpower and bioenergy.

“Along with accommodating scheduled instructional tours of the Windfarm for students from primary to tertiary institutions, training modules have been delivered and efforts are being made to get certification for a number of courses (so) that the students, on successful completion of their training, will be awarded certificates of competence,” Mr. Barrett informed.

He was speaking at the launch of the Wigton Windfarm-endorsed book, ‘Understanding Wind Energy: Youth Repowering the Future’, at a function held at the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica, Trafalgar Road, in Kingston on August 16.

The book, written by Wigton employee, Senior Engineer, Oswald O. King, provides a summary of the fundamentals of wind energy and how this renewable resource can be exploited for harnessing electricity.

Mr. Barrett explained that participants have requested certification from the training programme “and we have been listening to our people”.

“Despite the naysayers, renewable energy is here to stay, and so I encourage you all to participate in the training sessions when they are advertised,” he said.

The training sessions are provided at the Wigton Renewable Energy Training Laboratory, in Manchester, which was opened in November 2016.

The lab offers training courses in all areas of renewable energy, and curricula are delivered through workshops, lectures and practical lab work. Target groups include energy professionals and entrepreneurs, tertiary students and the general public.


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