New CEO to be introduced today at BPL

#Bahamas, August 28, 2017 – Nassau – Shortly after midday today, a new CEO will be formally introduced to the public over at Bahamas Power and Light.    The news came in a media statement this weekend which also sought to clarify that Pamela Hill, the recently terminated CEO was not fired in connection to the ongoing investigations where millions have gone missing from the company.

Hill was fired because the Board has taken a zero tolerance approach to what happens or does not happen at the power company being managed, under contract by #PowerSecure.    The Board says it is dead set on delivering optimum efficiency, that a new system is to be established to get the power supplier on track, a plan is on to hire or utilize local professionals to fix management issues, they want a better relationship with the unions, #BPL is after robust growth and the statement says the company is committed to getting quality service at a reasonable rate to consumers nationwide.


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