Caicos Express Airways back in business at Salt Cay airport

#Turks and Caicos, August 11, 2017 – Salt Cay – #CaicosExpressAirways can resume flights into Salt Cay now, the Civil Aviation Authority has lifted the restriction after urgent repairs are complete at the airport.    Government yesterday made the announcement, explaining that representatives from the Airports Authority and Caicos Express Airways made a follow-up visit to Salt Cay just this past Monday to inspect the maintenance work done by the Airports Authority; all were said to be satisfied.

There is no description as to what was done to improve the aerodrome at Salt Cay, but when the airport was closed back in late June, Magnetic Media was informed that the runway was a mess and that it needed to be extended.   It is unclear whether that extension also took place.   It was also never explained why the airport was allowed to become so run down in the first place.

Minister responsible for airports, Premier Sharlene Robinson is quoted in the media release,  “This is part of my Government’s commitment to ensure that the Turks and Caicos Islands remains accessible.   The suspension of flights into and out of Salt Cay has caused the public on the Island most particularly the aged persons and the already challenged businesses much inconvenience and my Government made a commitment to ensure that this matter was rectified expeditiously.”

Ferry service had been boosted to daily runs in the interim; Caicos Express Airways is currently the only commercial airline serving #SaltCay.


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