99 Haitians intercepted, TCI Marine Police tow them in

Turks and Caicos, August 1, 2017 – Providenciales – Twenty Haitian females, 79 Haitian males and no guns or illicit drugs is what were found on board a 35 foot purple and black sloop, powered by 9.9  Nissan engine and a 70hp engine which was picked up by the coastal radar and intercepted by TCI Marine Police 12:48am yesterday.

An early morning media statement from Police announced the interception, which is a significant win for TCI law enforcement.    Lately vessels have been finding sneakier ways to smuggle people into the country, leaving residents and authorities only to wonder who and what may have gotten to shore unchecked.  The boat was spotted 2.2 miles south of South Dock, Providenciales and the migrants were immediately turned over to the Immigration Department for processing.

Police also reported on coastal radar detection of a suspect vessel around 11:13am on Sunday.    While it is unclear where the boat was at the time it was detected, Police spell out that Marine officers found five males on board the 15-footer; two of the males had no status and were detained for Immigration purposes.    The duo in this incident was also turned over to Immigration for processing.   No nationalities were given in the case.




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