Statement – Hon. Akierra Missick, MP Leeward and Long Bay

Turks and Caicos, July 29, 2017 – Providenciales – Residents of Leeward, Long Bay, and the Turks and Caicos Islands, last night our Country was shaken by reports of an assault on a visitor in our community.

As the MP for the Leeward and Long Bay constituency I am duty bound to act. I confirm via this release that during the last few weeks I’ve met with Property Managers, Security Companies, Police Officers and Residents in our Community to develop a plan to disrupt these incidents and all criminal activities. Prior to this incident I’d requested a meeting with His Excellency the Governor and Commissioner of Police to discuss the Community Security Protocol we would seek to implement in Leeward and Long Bay.

Crime has reached beyond a point of zero tolerance and we as a Community must draw an indelible line and declare that we will take no more. Never before have we as a nation seen a relentless assault on our society and our way of life. We as a people deserve to live at peace as we work to build a better Turks and Caicos and continue making this the best small country in the world.

Earlier today I met again with Property Owners and Managers, Hotel and Tourism officials, where I reassured them that they have my full support and I’ll lobby for increased policing resources for our communities and I am confident that as a nation we will recover from this scourge but it is important that we recover to a stronger position of safety and security.

I have received an update about the victims of the incident and want to offer to them thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery on behalf of the people of Leeward and Long Bay.

There are many among us who are victims, the former Premier, former Speaker of the House, Teachers, chefs, Students, PR professional just to name a few, our nation supports them all. Their plight will never be in vain and we salute them all for their bravery. To the persons affected I say that the people of Leeward and Long Bay hear your story, the entire nation hears you and the persons that have sought to bring harm and steal from us will hear all of us and hear us in no uncertain terms when we say CRIME MUST STOP NOW.

Finally constituents and fellow TCI residents, please remain prayerful for our police officers and our communities and may you all be blessed.

Press Release: Hon. Akierra Missick

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