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Prime Minister Minnis to deliver First National Address next week

Bahamas, July 12th 2017: Prime Minister Dr.Hubert Minnis will give his first national address next week.

Press Secretary Anthony Newbold made the announcement at his weekly press briefing. The Prime Minister’s

Government Press Secretary, Anthony Newbold

Government Press Secretary, Anthony Newbold

address to the nation is expected to highlight the way forward following its budget presentation and what can be expected in September when the House of Assembly resumes.

While Newbold says he did not want to pre-empt the Prime Minister’s address, he could only hint that it will deal with the promises made during the campaign trail, and would allow Dr.Minnis will go into the specifics during his address.

Shortly after coming into office, the Prime Minister by way of Newbold told the media that he will address the nation twice a year, and engage the media once per quarter at a special press conference.




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