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Police Commissioner suspends two Police, officers must formally explain actions

20245334_1420204214724316_6794242547628734435_n20292896_1420204168057654_8571092229573734611_nBahamas, July 24, 2017 – Nassau – Commissioner Ellison Greenslade has suspended the two police officers who filmed themselves drinking alcohol, cursing and basically balling while in uniform and seemingly in a police patrol vehicle.   The video circulated on social media sparked outrage among residents who are already deeply disturbed by the number of murders this past week alone; Police are expected now more than ever to be a part of the solution to curbing crime.

In a statement on Sunday, it was explained that, “…disciplinary action has commenced against two police officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force shown in a controversial video that recently went viral on social media…. Commissioner Ellison Greenslade suspended both officers from duty and restricted their privileges.   Both officers were given fourteen (14) days to show cause letters. This allows due process and natural justice.

Commissioner Greenslade will make a final decision on both officers once he receives their written responses in his hand.”    In that video, where both men are in plain view of the cell phone camera, one policeman appears to be drinking a beer and listening to music, the other is driving and filming and  with laughing and complete disregard, admit that they are not responding to a police dispatch call, they are getting drunk and ‘ridin’.

The men also ask, again with giddy laughter, that those they are sending the video to, not share the video.   Well, that did not happen, as the short clip went viral in a matter of hours.




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