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Nassau: Two guns, two suspects in Police custody

Nassau, Bahamas – July 17, 2017 – Two more guns off the streets, two more men in custody linked to those guns after a police chase led to the seizure and arrests.

Around 12:30pm yesterday police, while in Pinewood Gardens, became suspicious of two men in a champagne coloured vehicle which they asked to stop.  The men did not stop and there was a chase which ended on Jacaranda Street.

The report is the driver threw something to the ground and got away on foot, his passenger was captured without incident.   Police also got, at that scene, a .45 pistol with 8 rounds of ammunition.

The captured suspect’s home, on St Vincent Road, was next searched and found there was a glock pistol.

The driver, say Police turned himself in by 6:30 yesterday evening.








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