DC Lawyer shot, airlifted in TCI armed robbery; Leaders speak out

Turks and Caicos, July 31, 2017 – Providenciales – A partner at a leading Washington DC law firm, Kirkland & Ellis, the man who was shot in the back when two masked armed men entered the luxury villa on Tranquility Lane which he was renting with his family, is Professor Michael D. Jones, a business litigation attorney, rated in the top ten in DC by the Legal Times.    The last time, it was an Alabama man, Kevin Newman whose family within hours raised, $21,000 on a GoFundMe page to have Newman, who was shot in the abdomen while walking in Grace Bay, airlifted to Florida.

This incident, coupled with other crimes against residents and visitors has left everyone incensed and everyone outraged.   Comments came from Government officials on Saturday, all bemoaning the attack.    The Member of Parliament for the district, Akierra Missick, where Mr. Jones was shot, an attorney herself said,  “Crime has reached beyond a point of zero tolerance and we as a Community must draw an indelible line and declare that we will take no more.   Never before have we as a nation seen a relentless assault on our society and our way of life. We as a people deserve to live at peace as we work to build a better Turks and Caicos…”

The Leader of the Opposition, Washington Misick said, “We must spare no cost to analyse the cause and effect of the current chaotic spate of criminal activities and remove the root of it regardless to any short-term inconvenience or adjustments we may have to make; to do otherwise will be to ignore the obvious: decimation of our economy and confinement to poverty.”

There was also statement from the Ministry of Tourism, “While our Country remains safe, any acts of crime against residents or tourists are unacceptable.    We call on members of the community who have information on any crime in our islands to report it immediately to law enforcement via CRIME STOPPERS.   Our residents and visitors should continue to enjoy our islands, as we will not be intimidated by acts of cowardice.”

Tourism officials have been stellar, Magnetic Media is told; again standing with and by the Jones family during the horrible experience.




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