Complaints Commission Investigator trains in Saint Maarten


Grand Turk, TCI July 17, 2017 — The Investigative Officer within The Turks and Caicos Islands Office of the Complaints Commission, Ms. Ciphany Skippings, recently completed an intensive training session with the Bureau of the Ombudsman in Saint Maarten.

Skippings’ training focused on planning strategies for investigations, establishing guidelines and procedures, report writing and more. The attachment to the Saint Maarten office was meant to increase the Commission’s knowledge and skill base while enhancing the expertise of the Investigating Officer.

Skippings also gained experience in the day-to-day activities and operations of the Ombudsman office to assist with analysis of the TCI Bureau.  In a release from the Commission, Skippings said: “The experience gained was very rewarding, comprehensive and thought provoking.”



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