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Churches finally made to open their books, resistance to 2014 Regulation

Bahamas, July 28, 2017 – Nassau – A 2014 law is now being enforced and it means that all not for profit organizations have to turn in financial records, this includes churches.    So far, the Church has come out strongly against the demand by the Registrar for every organization which falls into this category to comply.

In a statement, the Registrar says, “This review of all non-profits on the Registry is also important to ensure that we are in compliance with our international obligations; preventing the potential use of non-profits in The Bahamas as vehicles for international criminal activity, and protecting our financial industry which is vital to our national development.”    Still, The Bahamas Christian Council is saying the government is going too far in requesting the information which is due in 14 days.

“The church has to work with the state but the church will not allow the state to dictate what the church will do,” Bishop Delton Fernander told media, “In this case, it’s clearly crossing the line.   Usually the state is able to ask for financial records when it takes state funding. If you do not take state funding I don’t see how the state should be asking for financial records.”

But Bahamas law does allow it and demand it, “ … the Registrar General is exercising its supervisory and enforcement authority to monitor and regulate non-profit organizations pursuant to Regulation 4 of the Regulations.”




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