Changes to come to TCI National Scholarship policy

Turks and Caicos, July 13th 2017: Changes made to the National Scholarship Policy will look at capping the number of grants received per student and the maximum awarding amounts.

The revised policy announced by the Education Ministry comes after it received approval from House of Assembly to make amendments to its National Scholarship Policy 2011. It’s expected that the changes will immediately be implemented for applicants who have applied for tertiary education scholarships during this year’s scholarship review process.

The ministry says the reason behind the changes, to improve the procedures and practices and make it more relevant in today’s scholarship system, while also establishing a transparency mechanism, removing any perception of biasness in the Scholarship Awarding Process. tci library services

The new policy looks at increasing the list of approved institutions accredited. One of the areas the changes looks at, includes establishing clear academic standards that will determine eligibility for awarding of local and international scholarships in the various scholarship categories. The policy also determines academic standards for awardees to maintain their scholarship awards. The changes also seek to regulate standards for eligibility for scholarships, transfers and deferral of scholarship awards.

Meanwhile, the changes also call for an establishment of a Full and Partial Scholarship Approved Institution list, while scholarship categories will be further defined and distinguished by the criteria of awarding amounts for Full, Partial Scholarship, Grants and Distance learning.




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