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Bahamians slow to collect E Passports, less than 50% distributed

Bahamas, July 25, 2017 – Nassau – Less than half of the E-passports at the Anatol Rogers stadium have been collected said Minister of Foreign Affairs Darren Henfield, and he is urging Bahamians to please collect their documents.   The Minister, last Thursday, toured the temporary site which was established since July 3, for the sole purpose of making E-passport collection easier, still pick up has been slow.

The Minister reminded that February 2016 was the international deadline for hand written passports, this fact coupled with the usual Summer rush to get passports inspired the opening of satellite offices to lessen the burden at the Thompson Boulevard Passport Office.   “To date, we have successfully issued 1,516 e-passports since opening our doors over the past two weeks,” said Minister Henfield.

“We anticipate operating at this location, throughout the month of July and quite possibly into August 2017.   This decision will be based on customer/citizen response.”

Initially there were 3,269 e-passports at the site.   The Government’s E Passport system was started in 2007.



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