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Bahamas Department of Labour to launch upgraded Local Skills Bank Portal

The Bahamas Department of Labour will launch an upgrade to its local Skills Bank portal, PCRecruiter, on July 21, 2017 to enhance employee placement services.

 The recruiting and staffing software was first introduced in 2006.  However an update and re-launch of this integral tool in the department’s recruitment process is underway.

The upgrade is a component of the Ministry of National Security’s “Citizen Security and Justice” Initiative facilitated by a loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

With levels of unemployment being a matter of national concern, the Department continues to respond to the needs of those job seekers and employers alike through this online data portal that populates data and accordingly matches candidates for suitable available job opportunities.

Mrs. Patrenda D. Russell-Brice, Deputy Director of Labour describes this upgrade as “exciting times at the Department.”  She emphasized her continued passion for seeing Bahamian job seekers benefit from the opportunity to be employed in roles they qualify for and desire.  She stated, “it’s been a long time coming and I am pleased about the upcoming training and launch of the upgraded PCRecruiter system.  It is a successful tool for job seekers as well as employers who seek to fill vacancies with suitable Bahamians.”

The effectiveness of the system hinges on registration of job seekers as well as registration of employers with job opportunities they wish to fill.  The inventory of available jobs will be easily accessible once employers enter their job vacancies in the skills bank.

For employers already enrolled – the process requires their signing in and editing their registration information.

For employers across The Bahamas who have not yet registered, they are all encouraged to do so by logging where they can create or edit job vacancies, view interviews from job seekers, or browse the database of job seekers.

Job seekers must also register in the online skills bank; thereafter they will be able to view job vacancies, post resumes, enquire about jobs, and update their accounts and resumes periodically.

 Employed individuals wishing to explore options are encouraged to register their skills and qualifications into the skills database system.  Similarly, students or citizens residing abroad who are desirous of returning home and wish to secure employment options in advance are encouraged to register.

Director of Labour, Mr. A. Robert Farquharson shared that high schools and other local institutions of higher education such as the University of The Bahamas can look forward to teams from the department’s Public Employment Services Unit scheduling tours and visits to their campuses in order to encourage students preparing to enter the work force to register with the skills bank.

Individuals who prefer to come in person to register for the PCRecruiter database may visit any Department of Labour sub-office in New Providence or the Family Islands.  New Providence locations include Rosetta Street, Robinson Road and Carmichael Road.  Family Island locations include Grand Bahama, Eleuthera, Abaco, Exuma, Andros and Bimini.

There are no fees associated with the service.

For more information on The Bahamas Department of Labour, visit

The Bahamas’ Department of Labour is a division of the Ministry of Labour and has responsibility for fostering good industrial relations between employees and employers, while promoting a high level of employment, productivity, human rights and the Decent Work Agenda in accordance with international standards for all citizens and residents of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

Units within the Department include Industrial Relations (Conciliations), Public Employment Services (Employment Exchange) and the Inspectorate (Occupational Health and Safety).

The Bahamas Department of Labour, located on Rosetta Street, facilitates Employment Assistance Services, Employee Placement Services, Formation and Registration of Trade Unions, Reports of Trade Disputes, Registration for Employment, Maritime, Registration of Industrial Agreements and Occupational Health and Safety.

There are also two New Providence sub-offices located on Robinson Road and Carmichael Road.  Family Island locations include Grand Bahama, Eleuthera, Abaco, Exuma, Andros and Bimini.



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