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Bahamas Corrections Officer ordered to pay for drug charges

Nassau, Bahamas July 18, 2017 — The Department of Corrections officer who was arrested on Friday for drug possession has been ordered to pay a $2,600 fine.

Former prison guard Demetrius Maycock, 25, was arrested after Drug Enforcement Unit officers executed a search warrant at his home on Caravel Road, Sunset Park around 1pm and found just over two ounces of marijuana. Following the arrest, police also discovered an unlicensed shotgun and ammunition in Maycock’s house.

Maycock pleaded guilty to two counts of drug possession and possession of unlicensed arms and ammunition. Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes ordered him to pay $1000 for each arms and ammunition charge and $300 for each drug charge. Maycock could serve one year in prison if the fines are not paid.



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