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Scouting for Sports talent to come to hotspot communities

Bahamas, June 22nd 2017: Newly Appointed Youth, Sports and Cultural Development Minister, Michael Pintard says government will embark on a vigorous programme to recruit sporting talent from hot spot areas across the country.

Speaking during his contribution to the fiscal package, the Minister says it will go to these communities, and not ‘traditional venues’. He says young people can expect them to be in communities where they live, through the mediums that they listen to, and not the ones that we presume that they are listening to or watching”.

He added that concentration will be given to “building our feeder system” with focus on training and supporting emerging athletes, budding cultural practitioners and young people”, in other words,  “who may otherwise fall through the cracks or under-achieve if not guided and supported”.

Minister Pintard is also promising to pursue finances and other resources nationally and internationally, while it will amend legislation, policies and programs to facilitate the drive. Pintard says his government will look into providing “world-class physical infrastructure for youth, sports and cultural development”.

The effort will also demand that everyone is working “closely with other government agencies and ministries to minimize scheduling conflicts and to reduce duplication of efforts and resources”.

Minister Pintard noted his Ministry will enter this fiscal year with an aim at being more outreach-minded in staging events, holding discussions and targeting Bahamians.





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