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PM Minnis: New Sheriff in Town, warns corrupt public servants stymieing ease of doing business

Bahamas, June 14th 2017: A new Sheriff is in town, is the warning Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis is issuing against corrupt government officials “looking for something” in return for doing their job.

The tough talking Prime Minister was speaking to members of the Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday morning, where he gave the assurance to the business community that his government will ensure corrupt practices in getting business licenses will be a thing of the past.

Citing The Bahamas’ current placement in the global ranking of the ease of doing business at 121 out of 190, down one place from last year at 120, and at 97 in 2015, PM Minnis says corruption continues the number one turnoff to investors looking to enter The Bahamas and do business.

For what he received a resounding applause from the audience, PM Minnis says “the policy we have of transferring corrupt individuals from one agency to another department and to another will stop. Be assured the only transfer you will receive from that agency is to Fox Hill”.

His government’s solution, waiting for weeks or months for a business licence, a thing of the past, as a tracking system be put in place to see the timeline and progression of things and see where the bottlenecks are in the system.

He is also proposing “a one stop shop, as a single window to government services strategy for going forward, which will require government departments working across silos and utilizing the appropriate technology within government departments, integrating systems and databases”.







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