Minister updates on road works, no sidewalks for Blue Hills, Chalk Sound

Turks and Caicos, June 22, 2017 – Providenciales – Blue Hills will have to wait for its Master Plan to dictate changes in the physical look and feel of the area, according to Minister of Public Works, Goldray Ewing.   While there will be road works starting in the coming weeks at the Blue Hills round about to contend with the heavy traffic at the junction, there are no sidewalks in the plan for this fiscal year.

Currently residents walk or jog along jagged, dusty and uneven sides of the road or are forced to use the highway because of a lack of sidewalks.  Bushes were cut back in March and that helped, the Minister said that same program will move into Long Bay and Leeward now.

“We’re gonna cater to that maintenance to that roadway, especially in the Leeward, Long Bay area where no work was done in the last clean up campaign.  We intend to focus in that area a little bit more to make sure all the bush is cut back further away from the edge of road.   The road work program will help people who can’t find jobs on a normal basis, or people who have a criminal background, who are looking for something to do.  Blue Hills wouldn’t see any sidewalks right now simply because of the Blue Hills Master Plan that will incorporate a lot of that, then out of that master plan then we will move ahead and Chalk Sound will be seeing some grading of roads.”




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