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Turks and Caicos, May 1, 2017 – Providenciales – The Turks and Caicos Government (TCIG) issued a notice stating that they are devising methods to strengthen its enforcement mechanisms against scholarship bond defaulters. This comes as the government is said to be experiencing difficulties in ensuring that students who were provided with scholarships keep their bond to contribute to the local working force after they’ve graduated.

The TCIG stated, “Scholars are reminded that a scholarship bond agreement constitutes a legal undertaking for the performance of certain obligations in consideration for money paid towards their education.

The ramped up enforcement will now include the use of modern technology to keep track of scholarship recipients. In the event of a breach, it is reported that the TCIG would take aggressive recovery methods. If necessary, the government would vigorously pursue legal action against the recipients and their guarantors.

As a result, scholars are urged to acquaint themselves with the conditions of their bond agreements and to ensure full compliance to avoid adverse legal consequences.

Currently the government issues scholarships to students in the areas of Education, Youth Development Work, and Technical Vocational Education.

 Story By: Kay-Marie Fletcher



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