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Samsung Managing Director Visits BTC

Bahamas, May 30, 2017 – Nassau – Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) hosted a courtesy call with Samsung representatives last Thursday at the Southwest Plaza Flagship store.

Samsung Managing Director, Hanchul Lim said that it was an honor to come to The Bahamas to visit BTC. He was pleased that the public was excited about purchasing new Samsung Galaxy S8. The device is one of the most popular choices for BTC’s business clientele and has been successful in the Bahamian market since its recent launch.

CEO Leon Williams said, “This is a testimony that we don’t order on the grey market and that we don’t go to third parties. We go directly to the manufacturer. We have been a partner with Samsung now for several years.”

Samsung Latin America Officials representative, Terry Weech expressed pleasure on behalf of the company of working with BTC. “We are excited to launch the S8 with BTC and we look forward to continued relationship together.” Weech said that the phone’s global demand is at an all-time high and that workers are busy working around the clock to produce more S8 phones.




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