Remarks delivered by the Premier at CDB Annual Meeting

Turks and Caicos, May 23, 2017 – Providenciales – Remarks delivered by Hon. Sharlene Cartwright Robinson, Premier at the opening and closing ceremonies of the 47th CDB Annual Meeting.



Delivered by Hon Sharlene Cartwright Robinson, Premier 


May 23, 2017


Governor of the Turks & Caicos Islands – His Excellency Dr. John Freeman

Premier of Montserrat – Honourable Donaldson Romeo

Chief Minister of Anguilla – Honourable Victor Banks

Dr Warren Smith, President of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)

Members of The Turks & Caicos Islands Cabinet 

Fellow Parliamentarians

Governors of CDB

Members of the Diplomatic Corps

Members of the Board of Directors of CDB

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Morning

On behalf of the Government and People of Turks and Caicos Islands, I extend a warm welcome to attendees and trust that you have found your visit thus far to be most enjoyable.

It is an honour and privilege for The Turks and Caicos Islands to host the 47th Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of CDB and to serve as Chair for this Meeting. 

The Caribbean Development Bank plays a very intricate role in the continued economic advancement of the Turks and Caicos Islands and many of its borrowing member countries. The bank, with its proficiency and assistance through concessionary financing, technical assistance and grants, has significantly assisted member countries’ in its economic growth and development.

Within the Turks & Caicos Islands, CDB has assisted substantially with various infrastructure developments within the Educational sector through the early childhood facility and in the past through the upgrading of our national Community College. The bank, has in the past provided concessionary loans to assist in the development of the TCIs MSME sector and also assisted in social programmes that has aided in the reduction of poverty within these Islands. It should be highlighted that we have been able to garner the assistance of the bank in the drafting of our Country Strategy Paper and also the continued assistance in the formation of our Medium Term Strategy document. I am happy to announce that most recently the bank has graciously agreed to assist with a Technical Assistance Loan for the Climate Resilient Coastal Protection and Management.

We are well aware that this is a new era, one of change and also one in which an appreciation of the knowledge economy. The world economies are constantly evolving and it is imperative that we in the Caribbean region continue to grow, to share our ideas, create alliances and to foster integration.

The theme of this year’s conference “Integration, Trade and Growth” is most befitting, as I am of the belief that economic integration, within the Caribbean, can cause an increase in the region’s rate of growth. Additionally, closer integration can be achievable by increasing trade in goods, as well as ideas.  

It is assuring to know that we, as Borrowing Member Countries of the Bank, have available to us the resources and expertise of the Bank to assist us in realizing our visions regarding trade, integration and economic growth.  It is also comforting to know that through the various fruitions the bank continues to meet these types of needs.

As you know, much work goes into the hosting of this Meeting and we have sought to be diligent about meeting every necessary provision for its accommodation.  We certainly hope that the arrangements that have been put in place for hosting of this Meeting will meet with your expectations; indeed we want you to be comfortable, productive, excited and pleased. Additionally we want to ensure that you efficiently and effectively execute your roles as representatives of your country at this meeting.

Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands is an exotic and beautiful place with warm and friendly people.  Dare I also say, the consistently voted world best island and beach destination, so please do take the opportunity to enjoy our Sun, Sand and Sea during your stay.

As Chairman of this 47th annual Board of Governor’s Meeting representing the Government and people of Turks & Caicos Islands, I hereby declared this meeting officially opened and do welcome each and every one of you to these Beautiful By Nature Turks & Caicos Islands.




Delivered by Hon Sharlene Cartwright Robinson, Premier 


May 25, 2017


What a productive few days we have had together. I believe we have seen finality and conclusions to lingering issues, helped Borrowing Member Countries with thought provoking dialogue and tangible, necessary immediate assistance whilst reviewing the work of the CDB and making critical decisions for the road ahead. Like the President I believe there is an urgency for greater regional cooperation and it is incumbent on us all to recognize the urgency of now. These past few days ought to have reminded us that there are more commonalities that ought to draw us to this point.

The CDB remains a viable, useful and helpful Institution for the growth of this region and I am confident that the President and his Team sees itself this way.

Mr President, Madam VPs, Directors and Staff it was an absolute pleasure working with you in this brief period and though my role has changed, you can rest assured that these Islands will continue to solidify its relationship with you and I again thank you for your work on our behalf over the years and also on behalf of the wider CDB family.

This era of change calls us to be dynamic, to brave unchartered waters, to make bolder but well informed steps to realise what we must for this region and I am confident that President Smith and his Team is up to the challenge.

It was a pleasure hosting you these few days. My country has made me proud and I believe that we have risen to the occasion. We trust that experience in this beautiful Caribbean destination (I like to call us the biggest chunk of heaven on earth) has made you even more proud to be a part of a region that is tinkering on the edge of greatness. We are yet to position ourselves and use our God given gifts for our regional benefits: so many possibilities; so many opportunities for cooperation and so little time.

We are honored to welcome you all and to have reminded you our friends at CDB of the many possibilities for partnership here in the TCI and how you have and can continue to help us to achieve our people centered goals.

I encourage all of our visitors to enjoy your remaining time with us and I pray your safe journey home.

Premier of Monsterrat

Chief Minister for Anguilla


Directors & Staff of CDB

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen

Members of the Media

Thank you for the part you played  and I bid you good afternoon.



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