Another sink hole unearthed in Provo, this time near Ianthe Pratt Primary

20170518_124137Turks and Caicos, May 19, 2017 – ProvidencialesThe incessant rain has unearthed a deep and possibly huge sink hole or vertical cave near the Ianthe Pratt Primary school in The Bight and yesterday, the Ministers of Home Affairs and Public Works stumbled upon the problem. 

Crossing Guard WC Stubbs was there and explained that it was he who put a large branch into the hole to prevent motorists and children from accidentally falling the deep dark hole, which is about a foot wide.  Magnetic Media spotted the scene and upon our inspection found that the hole was several feet deep and seemed to extend well beyond the area where the asphalt roadway had already fallen in. 

20170518_125733The hole, said Stubbs has been there a week now and yesterday, Public Works was due to check it to determine what should be the next move.  S ink holes or underground caves can easily swallow up cars.    The nearby school is home to around 500 primary school aged children; Mr. Stubbs told Magnetic Media that during school hours he is watching out for them.




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