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Severe, Crippling Flooding in Jamaica

Jamaica, May 16th 2017 – Kingston – Incessant rain which has waterlogged Jamaica and brought country operations to a virtual standstill will continue for at least two more days.    It is reported that 78% of Jamaica is currently experiencing flooding conditions as heavy rains and flash flooding once again torment the island.    As a result of the severe weather conditions, there have been reports of roads being blocked, power outages and schools being closed.

Consequently, CXC students who are currently in examination mode have had to relocate to different centers as a safety measure.    There are also some TCI nationals, currently doing summer school at Northern Caribbean University in Manderville.    However, there have been no reports of any casualties as a result of the severe rains.   The Meteorological Office is, however, urging motorists and pedestrians alike to avoid crossing flooded roadways.

A flash flood warning remains in effect for low lying and flood areas of St. Mary, Portland, St. Thomas, Kingston, St. Andrew, St. Catherine, Clarendon, Manchester, St. Elizabeth and Westmoreland.   The Mayor of May Pen, also an affected area, says that although many drains were cleaned following the heavy rains a few weeks ago, the drainage system in Jamaica is still unable to handle the current rainfall.

The Meteorological Office explained that there is a Trough across Central Caribbean and Jamaica, which influence the weather conditions currently evident throughout the island.    It is also predicated that heavy rains and thunderstorms will continue to affect all parishes up until Thursday of this week.

Story By: Kay-Marie Fletcher



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