Turks and Caicos Islands 2017 Register of Electors

Turks and Caicos, April 13, 2017 – Providenciales – Supervisor of Elections, Lister Dudley Lewis has commenced the publication of the 2017 Register of Electors in accordance with the Elections Ordinance Revised Edition 2014, allowing Turks and Caicos Islands the opportunity to view the Register of Voters from March 31, 2017.

The Supervisor has arranged for the Register to be placed at the following locations across the Turks and Caicos Islands. The Register is also issued for inspection at the Governor’s Office, Elections Department Grand Turk and Providenciales and District Commissioner’s Officers.

The Register will be available for viewing at the following locations:

ELECTORAL DISTRICTS                                                                                                PLACE



ED         01          Grand Turk North                                                                       Fulford’s Gas Station

Sunny Foods Supermarket (West Road)

E & R Supermarket (West Road)

Dominican Supermarket (Pond Street)

Dominican Supermarket (Over Back)

John Missick Bar (West Road)



ED         02          Grand Turk South & Salt Cay                                               Cee’s Food Centre

Mozey’s Cozy Corner Store

Palm Grove Variety Store


Dominican Supermarket (Back Salina)

Grand Turk International Airport

Grand Turk Liquors

Quality Supermarket

Sunshine Restaurant

DC’s Office (Salt Cay)

Community Centre (Salt Cay)




ED         03          South Caicos                                                                                    Airport Terminal

Sea View Marina

Super Value Supermarket

G & H Enterprise

Government Treasury



ED         04          Middle and North Caicos                                           Community Centre (Bambara)

Government Clinic (Lorimers)

Kevin’s Enterprise

Digicel Store (Bottle Creek)

Community Centre (Kew)

Community Centre (Whitby)

Community Centre (Sandy Point)


ED         05          Leeward                                                                                           TCI Ferry Service

IBO Store

Tropical Plaza Gas Station

ED         06          The Bight                                                                                        PTV’s General Office

Kathleen’s 7 – 11 Store

Rubis Gas Station

Long Bay Express Gas Station


ED         07          Cheshire Hall & Richmond Hill                                                   The Library

Grant’s Gas Station

The Post Office

Chinson’s Grill Shack

Discount Liquors

H & R Variety Store


ED         08          Blue Hills                                                                                              Doreen’s Club

Keyse’s Variety Store

J & M Fair Trade

Carrington’s Store


ED         09          Five Cays                                                                                         Mackey’s Automotive

Kitch’s Restaurant

Hole In The Wall Restaurant

Gilley’s Café, International Airport

Five Cays Electronic Store

Walkin Service Station

I.B.O Store

Liz Bakery

Seacor Island Shopping




ED         10          Wheeland                                                                                         Froggies on the Beach

B & J Restaurant

3 Queen’s Restaurant & Bar

Papa John Grocery Store


Lister Dudley Lewis

Supervisor of Elections




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