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Omar Archer freed

Bahamas, April 18, 2017 – Nassau –  Whistle Blower, Omar Archer was today released from Her Majesty’s prison on a $9,000 bail. This comes after a warrant of committal was issued for his arrest on April 4th 2017. Archer was ordered to present a defense to a criminal libel charge and spent a total of 14 days behind bars without bail.

Many of Archer’s supporters had since expressed their outrage for his arrest and had also created a petition for his release. One day before Mr. Archer became a free man again, however, reports were circulating that a hit was instructed on his life. It is alleged, that Archer was administered medication by the medical officer on duty at the time. However, 30 minutes later he began experiencing tightening in his chest and could not breathe. Archer is said to be a heart patient and worried that he would have suffered a heart attack. Archer said that several inmates came to his rescue and even tried alerting the officers of his condition but to no avail. This led him to believe that the medication was given to him as an attempt to end his life and silence democracy and freedom of speech.

Fred Smith QC, who last week told the media that he is now representing Archer, deeming the matter a Human Rights case, is working alongside Archer’s lawyers to have all charges dropped indefinitely.

Story by: Kay-Marie Fletcher




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