Flooding in Millennium Heights

Turks and Caicos, April 27, 2017 – Providenciales –“RAIN FALLING INTO MY HOUSE, hurting my head” says some Millennium Heights homeowners tonight. Priton homeowners report flooding in these torrential-type rains falling now in NW Provo. The rain, thunder and lightning are due to an upper level trough ahead of a cold front. Home owners remain plagued with problems from shoddy construction and this includes new ‘sink holes’ appearing. Rain is tonight not only coming from unreliable roofs but down walls and there are often reports of floors taking in rainwater from flooding yards. Even windows leak.

Meanwhile, Priton Development is apparently in breach of a July 2016 government order which said no more occupancy certificates would be issued by the Planning Department.

“Priton has obligation to pave all roads, develop a park, install drainage system and install street lights.  Approximately 65% of roads have been completed, some street lights have been installed, however the park is not yet developed and the drainage system is not yet completed. The Department of Planning has informed Priton that no more occupancy certificates will be issued until outstanding maters are been addressed and resolved.”

New residents continue to move into the area.



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