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Islanders react to two month ban of popular corned beef

Bahamas, March 23, 2017 – Nassau – In the words of one unhappy mummy; Lord take the chicken but not the corned beef.  There are shock waves around the islands now as a scandal in another country is impacting what stores stock on our local shelves.  Brazilian Beef is being rejected by countries around the world and within the region after information emerged that beef and poultry being shipped from there, is rotten and potentially contaminated.

Lasco and GraceKennedy of Jamaica have promptly recalled products from store shelves and warehouses after their Agriculture Ministry imposed a ban on exports, imports and sales.  The Bahamas too has banned and warned Bahamian residents against Brazilian meats.

Rotten and salmonella contaminated meats are said to be escaping the country for exportation due to alleged bribes being taken by inspectors to look the other way on spoiled meats; it is a global scandal now.  It was a police investigation in Brazil that uncovered this possibly deadly mess where the world’s largest poultry provider and the world’s largest beef provider – both out of Brazil were exporting tainted meats.

Bahamas Agriculture Minister, V Alfred Gray said the notice was with immediate effect in speaking to media yesterday and he asked all residents to discard of any meat product from Brazil right away… this includes popular corned beef.  In fact, Devon, Grace and Libby’s Corned Beef, which are hugely popular in Bahamian, Turks and Caicos and many Caribbean kitchens are all made in Brazil.

Minister Gray says there will be a 60 day monitoring period, then Agriculture will make further announcements.






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