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FNM draws massive crowd, Christie slammed for wasting billions

Bahamas, March 31, 2017 – Nassau – They borrowed over $1.8 billion and that is where the VAT money really went were words by FNM Leader Hubert Minnis when he addressed followers last night at Arawak Cay; the crowd at the rally was described as massive.

Hubert MinnisMinnis, the MP for Killarney said he understands why PM Perry Christie struggles to explain properly to the Bahamian people how the Value Added Tax money, pegged at $1.14 billion, was used because they wasted it.  He said,  “The PLP built no major infrastructure. Where the VAT money gone? They abandoned Grand Bahama and the Family Islands. Where the VAT money gone? They did not double the national investment in education as they promised. Where the VAT money gone? Roads across this island are filled with potholes and are in disrepair. Where the VAT money gone? If they get five more years, they will waste billions more.”

Minnis said the PLP has resorted to false stories to discredit him, that the country cannot rely upon a man who falls asleep while speaking to investors – referring to PM Christie and talked about new ideas including a rent to own housing policy.




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