Andros Girl gives toys to students in Lowe Sound

Andros, Bahamas, February 3, 2017 – It just may have been the most touching late Christmas in the history of Andros, when a sixth grader from Nichols town used social media and community notices to get ‘Dolls and Trucks for Tots in Andros’; those affected by killer Hurricane Matthew.

Hannah Edomwonyi is no ordinary girl, obviously and the student of Nicholl’s Town Primary showered displaced children from Lowe Sound Primary School with gifts at a special assembly held mid-January.   The children Hannah helped lost everything in that ferocious storm and in her speech, Miss Edomwonyi said that she was not affected by the storm and that she could not imagine their feelings, but she said to the children, “I would like to encourage you all to stay strong and never give up.  And finally enjoy the toys and Merry Christmas from Dolls and Trucks for Tots.”

Hannah thanked Roberts Furniture of Nassau, the store was the collection point for the donations in the Capital; Jack Moree of Sandy’s was also mentioned by the student for his donation of many toys.  Terrice Curry of the Ministry of Education made sure the drive was a success and got acknowledgement for her work and St. Anne’s school is also recognized for their donations along with others who came on board to make the Lowe Sound children happier.

Hannah, Magnetic Media salutes you as… ‘pretty amazing.’

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