40 Teachers & Parents turn out for Autism Workshop

Providenciales, TCI, February 3, 2017 – Teachers packed the Autism classroom at Mills Institute last weekend for exposure to teaching and child handling strategies when it comes to children with not just Autism, but Asperger’s and ADHD.

2017-02-03-PHOTO-00000011Michael McGinty, a consultant who holds these sessions in the TCI and The Bahamas was back and spoke to us one on one about the goal of the session.  “How we intervene in certain classroom behaviors and also home behaviors, and giving the parents first and teachers to determine why the behavior is happening and how to best intervene in positive approach.  So when we look at classroom behavior, we want to make sure the kids are actively engaged, are working on individualized programs and we are reinforcing them in a positive manner related to tangible reinforcement and different activities within the classroom.” 

Nearly 40 teachers registered for the workshop hosted by the HOPE Foundation for Autism Awareness, these educators were not only highly engaged and attentive, but grateful for the experience and opportunity to be better teachers and parents.  Here is Fredricka Messam, the Spanish teacher at Precious Treasures International;  “We work with the children in an integrated way so in any way we can learn more on how to cater to every child’s need, we always are open to that knowledge, and I find this very interesting and very educational, because it helps us to know how to approach each child in their individual needs.  And we try to keep them in an integrated way, in the sense of we cater to the holistic child and we want to give the child the opportunity to learn at their level.”

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