Elections Department – which polling station to cast your vote

Providenciales, TCI, December 10, 2016 – The Supervisor of Elections, Lister Dudley Lewis, has announced the allocation of voters to polling stations for General Election of the Turks and Caicos Islands schedule for 15th December 2016.

The Elections Ordinance requires the Supervisor to allocate each elector to the appropriate designated polling station within their electoral district, in any case where there is more than one polling station in that district.

This is done by the Supervisor providing a list to the Returning Officers that details the persons who are to vote at that polling station by reference to the order of their family names.

The official list of voters to be provided to each polling station is specified in the Election Ordinance and it contains only the details of those persons who are allocated to vote at that polling station.

To be able to vote at the polling station, your details must appear on the official list for that polling station. This means that you have to vote at the polling station to which you have been allocated within your electoral district.

If you try to vote at another polling station in the electoral district to which you have not been allocated and where your details do not appear on the official list, you will not be allowed to vote and will be referred to the polling station to which you have been allocated.

Electors with family names A-L and M-Z. Will vote of the following location.

ED  01 Grand Turk North  –    Ona Glinton Primary School.

A-N – Polling area       1   Auditorium

O-Z –  Polling area       2   Class Room

ED  02  Grand Turk South  –    HJ Robinson High School

A-N –    Polling area        1  Auditorium

O-Z  –     Polling area         2  Class Room

ED  03  South Caicos  –            Iris Stubbs Primary School

 A-N –    Polling area         1  Class Room

O- Z –    Polling area         2   Class Room

ED  04  Middle and North Caicos


Conch Bar         –      Conch Bar Community Centre

Bambarra          –      Bambarra Community Centre

Lorimers           –      Lorimers Community Centre

Sandy Point      –     Sandy Point Community Centre

Kew                  –      Kew Community Centre

Whitby             –      Whitby Community Centre

Bottle Creek     –      Bottle Creek Library and High School

ED  05  Leeward, Providenciales  –  Wesley Methodist High School

A-N-   Polling area        1  Class Room

O-Z-    Polling area        2  Class Room

ED  06  The Bight, Providenciales   –  Tropicana

A-N-      Polling area        1

 O-Z-      Polling area        2

ED  07  Richmond Hill and Cheshire Hall, Providenciales

A-N-    Gustarvous Lightbourne  Sporting Centre

O-Z-     Community College

ED  08  Blue Hills, Providenciales

A-N–    Oseta Jolly Primary School

O-Z–     Clement Howell High School

ED  09  Five Cays, Providenciales

A-N–     Felix Morley Community Centre

O-Z–      Enid Capron Primary School

ED  10  Wheeland, Providenciales

 A-Z-    Bethany Baptist Church, Best Institute (School)

If you wish to check the 2016 Register or which polling station you should attend, you can do so by contacting the Elections Office Grand Turk or Elections Office in Providenciales or by checking the Registers which has been deposited for inspection at various Constituencies.

Note:  It is an offence under section 40 of the Elections Ordinance to vote at more than one polling in the same electoral district or more than once in the same district on polling day.





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