Pastor tied up, held at knife & gun point early Monday

Providenciales, TCI, November 22, 2016 – A pastor was robbed, and it is said this is not the first time for this man of the cloth.

Police confirm an aggravated burglary but do not say who were the victims in the case.  What is said in that police report is that around 4am on Monday, three males awakened the man whose bedroom door was kicked in.

The man was held at gun point, he was tied up – hands behind the back, and that again a gun was placed at the man’s head and a knife to his throat as the trio demanded money.  Magnetic Media is told the suspects were looking to get the church’s collection from Sunday.

The room of the house, where all of this went down, was ransacked and electronics and a Silver Chevrolet Captiva Jeep was stolen.  The three, dressed in dark colored clothing escaped in the stolen vehicle which has now been recovered.

A firestorm of views are being expressed about the outrageous and bodacious crime surge in the country since this news broke of the beloved Bishop with the Baptist Union being robbed in such a fierce manner.

Thankfully, no one was hurt according to Police.

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