Cabinet shocked over NHIB losses, bleeding funds in the Millions

Providenciales, TCI, November 25, 2016 – The National Health Insurance Board was bleeding cash and needs millions in emergency money in order to save it.   A recent Cabinet sitting exposed that the people’s health plan was being poorly managed and the Governor wants to know why Cabinet did not know this.

It is said that the NHIB needs $6.1 million, and a $2 million bail out is urgent.  The money is to come from the Contingency fund so that the social health care plan can meet immediate needs.

“In approving a transfer from contingency funds of $2 million to the NHIB to meet immediate needs, Cabinet expressed grave concern about the failure of NHIB management to bring to the attention of Cabinet in a timely fashion the parlous state of its financial situation and advised His Excellency the Governor to agree that, among other measures, a comprehensive review of the management and corporate governance of the NHIB should be carried out by the end of January 2017.” 

Staff charged that this is what was happening and had to take industrial action, at least twice, to get the PNP Administration’s attention.   The information was presented by interim CEO, Tamera Robinson, who in under two weeks uncovered the unhealthy state of the country’s health plan.



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